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Parents Helping Parents! 2023!!!

Happy 2023!

We are pleased to announce our revamped Parents Helping Parents Program!

Thanks to a wonderful new partnership with the Children's Trust Fund of Alabama, we will now be offering FREE virtual and in-person parenting classes! Our first class will start Tuesday, January 10th from 6 pm - 7pm. To join the class email Subject: Parents Helping Parents. We will email you the Zoom Link to participate.

Parents Helping Parents is a form developed for parents by parents to work on developing communication skills, family unity, problem-solving, and personal growth. The curriculum we use is through ARISE, a proven life skills-based program.

In-person sessions are every 4th Saturday monthly. Thanks to our partnership with Brother Let's Talk! There is also private counseling available. All you have to do is email

Click Here for the Entire Parents Helping Parents Schedule

For more information and to register, please see the attached flyer, call (205) 238-5506, or email Subject Parents Helping Parents.

Thank you to our partners at Children's Trust Fund of Alabama and Brother Let's Talk!

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