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Community Care Development Network Fatherhood Initiative

Why Fathers? Empowering Young Fathers for a Stronger Future

The focus on young fathers in the Fatherhood Program stems from a deep understanding of their unique challenges and opportunities. By addressing the needs of young fathers, we aim to create a transformative impact not only in their lives but also in the lives of their children and the broader community.

Young fathers hold tremendous potential to shape their children's lives and contribute positively to society. However, they often face numerous obstacles that hinder their ability to fulfill their roles as active and engaged parents. Focusing on young fathers can break the cycle of absentee parenting, empower them with the necessary skills and support, and foster meaningful connections between fathers and their children.

  • Job Readiness Training Education

  • Employment Leads

  • Transportation Support (stipulations applied)

  • Continued Education Development GED or High School Diploma and Paid Trade Opportunities

  • Financial Literacy

  • Case Management and Life Services Support

  • Mentoring and Mental Health Support

  • Fatherhood Initiative Conference

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