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Who We Are & What We Do

Community Care Development Network is comprised of leaders in the community to help develop and maintain local programs. Community Care Development Network is a   faith-based non-profit 501c3 Organization that specializes in healing and helping the whole family. Our purpose is to help heal the whole family through our community-based programs.

CCDN MissionCommunity Care Development Network exists to develop, transform, and restore life to families, adults, teens, and our community to be committed, unified, and mature. 

Vision: Empowering and influencing people to own their potential and create an opportunity for themselves.

Impact Areas: Family & Life Services, Mentoring, Education, and Community Outreach

What community problems do we help solve?


Youth Peer Pressure Challenges, Adult Peer Conflict, and Lack of Communication, Education Challenges, Food Insecurity, Financial Barriers, Parental Challenges, Life Skills, and Job Challenges


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Core Values


To conduct ourselves and our activities with the highest regard for the truth


To treat others and approach each activity with the highest regard for fair and equitable treatment


To demonstrate appreciation and genuine concern for the individuality of others and their ideas


To be accountable for our actions, guardians of CCDN’s best interests, and responsible stewards of the public’s trust


To be true to our mission, vision, and values by being consistent in the service we provide

Meet the Team

Tamika Holmes,

Founder & Executive Director

Brittney Gray

Administrative Coordinator

Carrie Humphries, 

Life Services Administrator

Sarah Peoples


Briana Jeter, 

Food Hub Manager

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