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Embrace Mothers Pilot Program

This Monday, January 31 at 8am CT, the City of Birmingham will open the application for our Embrace Mothers pilot. Through the generous support of Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, we will provide $375 a month for 12 months to 110 single women caring for children under 18 years old -- no strings attached. This research pilot, conducted with the Center for Guaranteed Income Research and Abt Associates, will also include 132 control group participants who will complete paid surveys about their lived experience.

Guaranteed income provides agency and increases opportunity for individuals and families. Stockton's SEED pilot showed that a guaranteed income removed barriers to full-time employment and created capacity for individuals to set goals and take risks. We hear so much about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, and the data shows that guaranteed income provides recipients with the boots.

What would you do with an extra $375 per month? Pay for child care? Earn an online credential? Fill your grocery cart a little higher each shop? This is the difference guaranteed income can make. Spread the word.

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