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CCDN Community Food Hubs Put a Dent to Food Insecurity by Providing Emergency Food Monthly

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Community Care Development Network started its Life Services Program in 2018 to help fill gaps in the community. Back in 2019 the community of South East Lake was faced with the very issue of becoming a food desert due to the local grocery store closing.

CCDN and community leaders got together with the City of Birmingham to help save the grocery store. The grocery store remains open to this day. This opened up the eyes of many of our community families. Food deserts are real!

Birmingham alone is made up of 99 communities. If you look at Communities throughout Jefferson County the community spread is greater. In these communities are areas that are deficient of transportation and food. Many local grocery stores that used to thrive in these communities are now closed. Many bus routes have also gone away. Where does this leave families.

Many of the communities CCDN serves are considered low-to-moderate income and are considered to be marginalized. Marginalization or social exclusion deprives a group of its rightful share of reach to productive resources and ways to utilize its maximum potential for prosperity. It’s directed at groups who are seen to differ from perceived norms.

CCDN Operates currently 6 community food hubs with reach from Bessemer-to Birmingham-to Center Point. Families who sign up can pick up 80 lbs. of food 2 times per month at any of our community food hubs. To sign up visit

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