Life Services Resources

Life Services Resource Program is designed to connect additional resources outside of food to families.  Additional resources and essential needs may include clothes, medicine resources, utilities, rent, mortgage, housing, etc. 

As we continue to serve adults, youth, and families in need, we have recognized that the Covid-19 has brought about even more needs.   During 2020 with the help of partners CCDN served approximately 1,818 over the summer of 2020, and by the end of the year of 2020, we gave served 3,600 families providing emergency food.


The impact of families served through December 2020 includes serving an additional:

1,000 bringing the total families served to 1,818

1,818 Families Served from June to December 2020

  • 290,880 lbs of Food provided

  • Dry Goods 145,440 lbs

  • Fresh Produce 145,440 lbs


The fight is not over, CCDN is now at a crossroads, and we need additional support to assist our clients.  We will continue to serve adults, youth, and families through 2021 by continuing our Life Services Program with the anticipation of serving 6,000.  This program serves families daily but essentially provides emergency food up to 160 lbs per month.


In addition to food, there is a need for additional resources.  Resources include rent and utility assistance, job resources, and education resources.


Client File and Document Checklist

  • Valid Identification – State, Military, Continuum, Prison I.D., or State Driver’s License.

  • Proof of Residence - Utility Bill and Lease.

  • Proof of Income - Retirement Statement, Check Stub, Unemployment, Food Stamp, Social Security, or SSI/SSDI Letter.

  • Other if indicated married.  Need a check stub or some form of income from a family member.

If clients are homeless:

  • Address to a homeless shelter or transitional housing facility they are in

  • Letter from the transitional housing facility that verifies you are a resident there

  • If you are living in an abandoned property we will need the address to where they are dwelling

  • Copy of Food Stamp Letter. No snapshots of virtual program acceptance will be taken. We will need a copy of the actual letter from DHR

  • Valid Identification – State, Military, Continuum, Prison I.D., or State Driver’s License.


NOTE: SSI Letter or Food Stamp Letter may act as proof of residence only if you do not have a lease.

This does not impede the service we will provide.  If you need assistance obtaining identification or other life service needs, please let us know. 


We no longer accept documents for this application via text message.  

To submit your documents you can upload them into this application, scan, email to, or fax to (205) 449-5353‬.  


Please note financial assistance referral requests for rent and utility assistance the most recent bills and current lease are needed.  If you do not submit the required documents this will prolong your application. 


To sign up for Life Services click the button below.