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Education Services

CCDN has several educational resources to help the community.  Our programs and services are: 

Inspire Education Academy-A unique education experience for nontraditional students. Students receive life development, job skills, job connection, GED or high school Credit Recovery, and more...

Inspire Education Services-This is a service for youth and adults who desire to attend a trade school, community college, or a training program but do not know how to get started. Services include enrollment assistance, financial aid application assistance, and education research services.


Literacy Resources-Resource connection for reading and math. This service is for those who struggle in these areas.  Through partner relationships, CCDN can provide referrals to partner programs to help strengthen reading and math skills. 


Inspire Education Academy
Inspire Education Services

Classes start every 12 weeks.  To enroll in the program click the Now Enrolling Button 

Tamika Holmes, 
Founder & Executive  Director

Carrie Humphries
Inspire Instructor and Life Services Coordinator

Kortni Sheffield, 
Career Coach
This Generation Recruitment

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