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Business and Non-Profit Navigator Connector

Join the Connector!

The CCDN Business & Nonprofit Navigation Connector is developed to connect nonprofits, businesses, service providers, resources, community leaders, government officials/agencies, education systems, court systems, churches, and more!

CCDN Business & Nonprofit Navigation Connector.png

Why Join the CCDN Business & Nonprofit Navigation Connector?

To connect means to become joined for the purposes of like-minded causes.  This can be done to better the community, economy, families, school systems, and government systems.   Why is this resource needed? 

  1. There are many agencies and systems in place but there has been a challenge in connecting to one another.  

  2. There are many cool, different, and exciting agencies working with minimal resources to fulfill missions and visions.  

  3. There are business owners who are looking for opportunities to support.  

  4. There are larger agencies that need an in-between answer to solutions and challenges.  

  5. There are government agencies and school systems that want to be a resource but do not know where to turn. 


Well! This is the reason for the CCDN Business & Nonprofit Navigation Connector.  


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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