The Challenge


IMPACT AREAS:  Family & Life Services, Mentoring, Education, and Community Outreach

What community problems do we help solve?

Youth Peer Pressure Challenges, Adult Peer Conflict, and Lack of Communication, Food Insecurity, Education Challenges,

Parental Challenges, Life Skills, and Job Challenges

Unity~ Community~ Legacy

  • Unity = Family Foundation-Our focus is to help unify families and communities by building faith-based principles and foundation through education, enrichment, and advancement.

  • Community = Growth-We provide a platform for communication with families that creates enhanced growth allowing our families to become productive, strengthened, and unified.

  • Legacy (Work) = Future-We are innovators!  Our programs and services allow families to understand the importance of building a legacy and a future sustaining their families into positive outlooks and setting goals.  

 What do we help with?

  • Life Services-Connection to services that affect everyday life. Medical, Shelter, Safety, and Food.  Our purpose in this area is to help individuals get connected with organizations helping them get back to living life and enjoying it. Also helping individuals develop life plans to help get unstuck.


  • Family Reconciliation-Reconnecting families through setting standards, boundaries, and values healthy communication techniques with children, co-parenting communication development, and healthy communication in broken relationships.


  • Mentoring-Youth mentoring, parent mentoring, family mentoring sessions and workshops are available to help build healthy families.  Working through communication, hearing, and action steps to heal broken families.


  • Education-Reading and math enrichment.  The top two skills that we learn at grade level and will use for the rest of our lives are reading and math skills.  We work with children in middle school and high school that are at least 1-grade level behind strengthen their reading and math skills. 


  • Workforce Development-Soft skills, customer service training, and life development plans offered to youth and adults.  Providing key education on how to search for a job, seal the deal, and perform on the job.

Be the change you want to your home, school, church, and community!


Be the change you want to your home, school, church, and community!!!


Phone: (205)777-5894

Text:     (205)586-0740

Physical Location

 508 82nd Street N.

Birmingham, AL 35206

Donations Mail to: 

P.O. Box 610924 Birmingham, AL 35261

Registered Charity: 81-0955665

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