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We appreciate your financial support.  Your monetary donations go towards helping individuals, children, and families in our community. The community God has entrusted to serve need additional resources and services.  As we seek to expand in 2019 our goals are to start our trade and training programs in the community.  Additional resources include an aftercare support program that will address challenges and empower change.  Expansion areas include providing life services needs for those youth in our Inspire Youth Development Program, citizens reentering society from juvenile, jail/prison system, and/or substance use, care for domestic abuse survivors, career development services, reduction in recidivism rates to help close the revolving door to prison, and financial stability education. While providing this additional support, Community Care Development Network must honor our mission to empower individuals, youth, families, and our community with the opportunity to grow.

Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can help:

Here at Community Care Development Network (CCDN) we look to our community as a place where hope, faith, love, and charity is stored.  Families who live in the community make up the strength and together we keep our community whole.  When there is a piece broken in our community we all feel the change/brokenness.  We must work together to strengthen the broken area again.  How can you help? Partner with us! 

Click on one or all of the options to get more information: 

  1. Become a volunteer

  2. Donate in-kind and/or financially

  3. Sponsor a Program

  4. Referrals 

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  6. Do all five



Visit us at

1920 Old Springville Road,

Center Point, AL 35215

In Person

Mail Check or Money Order to 

P.O. Box 610924

Birmingham, AL 35261


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: 205-777-5894


Tel: 205-586-0740

Current Giving Campaigns

Here are some specific projects you can donate to:

The 5 and 1 Campaign

The 5 and 1 Campaign symbolizes 1,000 people donating $5.00 each to help with toiletry bags.  $5.00 can complete 1 toiletry bag for someone in need. Our goal is to develop 5,000 toiletry bags to give out to people on Thursdays as they come in with a need. 

Food Donations

CCDN welcomes dry goods and canned goods in great condition.  We pack food away for over 200 families per month providing support to our community families.   

Drop off donations Wednesdays 10:00 AM-3:00 PM at

1920 Old Springville Road, Center Point, AL 35215