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Community Care Development Network

Program Descriptions

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CCDN Capital Donation Campaign

CCDN Capital Donation Campaign. CCDN provides community support to youth, adults, parents, and elderly.

Christmas at CCDN

Be a helper for Christmas. Sponsor a child for Christmas. We have several children who will need assistance. Sponsors will support youth ages 9 months to 18 years of age. Be a blessing to our youth at CCDN. To sign up for Santa's Helpers, please fill out the form below.

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2022-2023 School Supply Drive

We are collecting school supplies for the 2020-2021 school year! Supplies may be purchased and dropped off or via the registry.  Registry Links on CCDN Website SUPPLIES NEEDED PENCILS, PENS, PAPER, NOTEBOOKS, CRAYONS, MARKERS, CALCULATORS, ERASERS, COMPOSITION BOOKS, HIGHLIGHTERS, BINDERS, STAPLERS, TAPE, FOLDERS, RULERS, DIVIDERS, GLUE, BACK-PACKS, & MORE!

Life Services Program

CCDN Life Services Program serves families in the community with emergency services such as food, clothes, household supplies, toiletries, and resources. In 2019, 1600 families were served. So far, in 2020 CCDN 1200 families have been served. With your donation you will help serve families

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New Building

Help support CCDN Trade School. Where we are working to help enhance our community through economic development and workforce development.

Youth Mentoring

We focus on building them up through encouragement, mentoring, college prep, and goal setting activities. Each group has the opportunity to talk about any and everything. Our group leaders and mentors provide them with alternatives to problem-solving, enrichment, and life skills planning.

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General Donation

General Donation

Meal Donation

Provide a donation towards snacks for Precious Pearls of Promise and Diamonds in the Rough mentoring programs. Mentoring takes place 4x per month on Saturdays. Lunch is provided each day.

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Annual E.L.E.C.T. Teen Summit

We are fundraising for our Annual E.L.E.C.T. Teen Summit! Become a vendor, sponsor, or donor.


Community Care Development Network is comprised of leaders in the community to help develop and maintain local programs. Community Care Development Network is a faith-based non-profit 501c3 Organization that specializes in healing and helping the whole family. Our purpose is to help heal the whole family through our community-based programs.

Mission: Community Care Development Network exists to develop, transform, and restore life to families, adults, teens, and community to be committed, unified, and mature.

Empowering and influencing people to own their potential and create an opportunity for themselves.

What community problems do we help solve?

Youth Peer Pressure Challenges, Adult Peer Conflict, and Lack of Communication, Education Challenges,

Parental Challenges, Life Skills, and Job Challenges

Unity = Family Foundation

Our focus is to help unify families and communities by building faith-based principles and foundation through education, enrichment, and advancement.

Community = Growth

We provide a platform for communication with families that creates enhanced growth allowing our families to become productive, strengthened, and unified.

Legacy (Work) = Future

We are innovators! Our programs and services allow families to understand the importance of building a legacy and a future sustaining their families into positive outlooks and setting goals.

Motto: “To Heal the Whole Family by Making a Better Tomorrow!”

Scripture Foundation: Genesis 1:26-28 Amplified Version

Servicing families throughout the Birmingham Metropolitan Area.

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