Making Our Voices Heard and Known in 2020

2020 has truly been a year for the books, but a little adversity won't stop our voices from being HEARD and KNOWN. The choices that we make this year can impact us, our communities, and our nation for years and years to come. We have an obligation to ourselves and future generations to do our part. How can you do that? Make your voice be heard and known in 2020!

Be Heard! Make your voice be heard by laying it all on the ballot during the General Election on November 3rd, 2020! With the pandemic sticking around for a bit longer than any of us anticipated, we have to be prepared for how this can affect us at the polls. Check out important dates, information, and things to consider as you get ready to rock the vote!

Be Known! Make your voice be known by completing and encouraging others to complete the 2020 Census by the self-response deadline of September 30, 2020. The data obtained from completing the census has the ability to depict how billions of dollars of federal funding are distributed, determine congressional representation, and impact each of us and our communities. It only comes around every 10 years, so take this opportunity to be counted and make yourself and your family known!

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