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Want to donate to a good cause? Community Care Development Network is raising money for its expansion project and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate $5 or $500. Every little bit helps. Thank you for your support. I've included information about Community Care Development Network below.

Our Mission: Community Care Development Network exists to develop, transform, and restore life to families, adults, teens, and community to be committed, unified, and mature.

Our Story!

Community Care Development Network started in June 2014 with a youth mentoring program for girls (ages 11-18) called Precious Pearls of Promise. The program grew from 2 girls to 30 girls over the summer. While the program was in pilot mode the young girls deeply expressed their motivation to keep the group going. In 2015, a mentoring program for young men was established called Diamonds in the Rough (ages 11-18). The purpose behind this program sprung up from a young man who helped to set up for the young ladies every Saturday. Each program worked with youth on challenges in school, anger management, problem-solving and goal setting. Since the inception of each program, there have been over 100 kids touched by our mentoring programs. Some of the youth have moved on to college, establishing successful careers, and becoming entrepreneurs. The expansion of CCDN's youth mentoring programs has motivated parents to come forward with some of their mentoring needs. CCDN has expanded its programs to include Parents Helping Parents (a parent mentoring forum) and Life Services Programs, which provides emergency food, clothes, and resources to over 200 families monthly. In 2020 CCDN will be relocating programs to North East Lake due to the heavy need for its programs and services. With the expansion will come workforce development and trade programs.  Funds collected from this campaign will help with the expansion of CCDN's programs and services.