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New Location: 1920 Old Springville Road, Center Point, AL 35215

Emergency Food is given out on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month 1:00 pm-3:00 pm.  Registration is required.  Here is the link:

Life Services are scheduled by appointment only.  Appointments may be virtual via Zoom, Google Meets, or by phone.  The first step is to complete the Life Service Application.  Here is the link:  


CCDN Cell Phone & Text                                                                    205-777-5894

CCDN Life Services and Emergency Food Number                        205-238-5506

CCDN Youth Mentoring/Parent Mentoring                                      205-238-5535

CCDN Education and Job Resources                                               205-238-5582


Reba Moran


Phone: 205-202-0206


Tamika Holmes


Phone: 205-777-5894


Be the change you want to your home, school, church, and community!!!


Main Phone: (205)777-5894 (Text Available)

CCDN Life Services and

Emergency Food Number  (205) 238-5506                        

CCDN Youth Mentoring/

Parent Mentoring                (205) 238-5535


CCDN Education and

Job Resources                     (205) 238-5582                                          

Physical Location

 1920 Old Springville Road

Center Point, AL 35206

Donations Mail to: 

P.O. Box 610924 Birmingham, AL 35261

Registered Charity: 81-0955665

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