Community Care Development Network

Initiatives, Programs, and Services

Impact Areas: 

Family & Life Services, Mentoring, Education, and Community Outreach

What community problems do we help solve?


Youth Peer Pressure Challenges, Adult Peer Conflict, and Lack of Communication, Education Challenges, Parental Challenges, Life Skills, and Job Challenges

Family & Life Services


CCDN has support for those in need through it's Family and Life Services Support Program.  To learn more click on Family & Life Services

Youth Mentoring

11-18 Years of Age

Youth Mentoring Programs to help youth with problem-solving, leadership, motivation, conflict resolution, and an outlet to what youth are feeling and experiencing.  To learn more click on Youth Mentoring

Diamonds in the Rough

Male Mentoring Program

Precious Pearls of Promise

Female Mentoring Program


CCDN offers education programs, courses, and opportunities. 


LearnWorks is math and reading enrichment for middle school and high school age students who are at least 1 grade level behind in either subject.

Inspire is our soft skills workforce and life development program working with youth 17-21 years of age.


Community Education Opportunities

  • Identity Theft

  • Financial Literacy

  • Homeownership

  • Healthy Tuesdays

To learn more about click on Education. 

Community Outreach

CCDN community outreach stretches throughout the community in the form of challenges that matter to the community, service projects, and partnerships.  Some of CCDN's community outreach projects include 

  • Save Village Market

  • Community Revitalization

  • Partnerships and Support Forums

  • Healthy Food Initiatives


​To learn more about click on Community Outreach. 


Be the change you want to your home, school, church, and community!!!


Phone: (205)777-5894

Text:     (205)586-0740

Physical Location

 508 82nd Street N.

Birmingham, AL 35206

Donations Mail to: 

P.O. Box 610924 Birmingham, AL 35261

Registered Charity: 81-0955665

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